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Use our quick and easy guide to calculate the required BTU Output for your room, then find your radiator :)

Step 1 What type of boiler do you have? Select below:

Step 2 Select the height of your new radiator:

Cast Iron Radiators are either 19 Inches high or 25 Inches high. The difference is merely a personal preference
but you probably won't want your radiator to be higher than the bottom of your window, so you might want to plan around that.

Choose Yours:

Step 3 Select the width you need:

Note: 19 Inch High Units are only availaible in 4 Tube Width.

Width is determined by number of tubes (See below). They are available in either 4 tube or 6 tube models.

Choose Yours:

What's the difference between a 4 tube model and a 6 tube model?. Once again a personal preference.
A 4 tube model is 4.5 Inches wide and a 6 tube model is 6 7/8 Inches wide so mybe plan around your room square footage.

Step 4 Calculate the required BTU Output:

Room Dimensions:
Window Area X2 (Calculate this by multiplying window height by window length)*
Room Information:
Type of room:*

Where are you heating?

What is below the room?*

Think about the flooring of your room, and whether there is another room below

What is above the room?*

Where applicable, choose the amount of insulation

Select type of outside wall:*

This help us calculate how much heat the room might lose

Select type of window:*

This also helps us determine the expected heat lose in the space

Select number of outside walls(Optional):*
Your Requirements

Boiler =

Selected Height = "

Tube =


Below are the suitable models for you

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